Our Vodka

Southern Curves premium vodkas are carefully created from corn and wheat grain with a hint of vanilla, 6 times distilled.

Southern Curves NEKED  is our 100% neutral grain     spirit. Six times distilled and hand cut resulting in a           spirit that is smooth, satiny and rich with subtle notes of    vanilla. NEKED is 80 proof and 40% alcohol by               volume.
Southern Curves Southern Praline A Sensual               mixture of toasted pecans and crunchy brown sugar 
candies. Southern Praline is 70 proof and 35% alcohol by volume.
Southern Curves Sweet Georgia Nectar A brilliant blend of honey suckle, peach, and jasmine. Sweet Georgia Nectar is 70 proof and 35% alcohol by volume.

We believe in perfection and created our brand to appeal to all of your senses.

Sight – With Exquisite packaging.
Touch – A satin finish, chrome bottle that is bartender friendly.
Smell – Extensive research completed for each flavor’s ingredients to maximize and perfect the aroma.
Taste – 6 times distilled with natural ingredients in a brand new state of  the art distillery 
Sound – “Southern Curves” Song, Written By Sydney Hutchko. Recorded in Nashville, TN.
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